Services we provide

At Connect Four, we believe in a holistic integration of all things design. Strategy leads to Architectural Design, which in turn informs Interior Design and Branding.

What we do

Our work process follows a linear growth, cohesively adapting to client needs and their timelines.

master planning

site analysis

feasibility studies

architectural programming





Connect Four offers full architectural design services with emphasis on a clean, modern vocabulary. We have extensive knowledge of how people, organisations and communities use and experience space.We work collaboratively with clients to arrive at innovative solutions for living and working. Connect Four enjoys over four decades of architectural experience covering townships, educational complexes, state of the art commercial and residential buildings across India and in several parts of the world.

Design Research

Feasibility Studies

Workplace analysis

Building Evaluation/Test Fits

Base building interface 
and design coordination

Custom Furniture Design

Exhibition Displays

Project Management

Connect Four designs interior spaces for living and working. Our team strives to deliver the highest standard in design services for projects such as corporate offices, academic institutions, civic buildings, hospitality and residences.

Market Analysis and Trend Research

Consumer Segmentation and InsightMining

Competitor Audits

Company DNA Analysis

Brand Equity Assessments

Brand and Business Architecture

Positioning Brand Identity

Communication Planning

Internal Branding and Engagement

Every project at Connect Four begins with an in-depth research on the company, the market, the competition and the customer to provide for insights that drive strategy. Working together with your team, we uncover latent opportunities that hold the greatest potential for your brand.

Brand Name and Identity Design

Visual Systems, Language and Guidelines

Print Communications

Web and Digital


Signage and Wayfinding

Communicating a brand's meaning is about unlocking the potential of a product or organisation to tell a powerful story. A brand becomes a living breathing entity through the multiple ways in which it is expressed. Through design we help build the brands identity, tone and position in the minds of customers.